Friday, March 21, 2014

Organized Mind

So I'm a bit of a messy person, and by a bit I mean on the regular there is stuff covering every open surface in my room in a jumbled disarray. Lately its been worse because of the additions of a metric shit ton (smaller than the American shit-ton) of VHS tapes have been strewn about the floor. Since I cleaned my room and laundried every item of clothing I own this week the one last issue was my VHS tape collection laying on the floor.

This afternoon I made a quick run to Ikea to buy just a basic floating shelf that could hold all my movies up and outta the way. And wow it worked like a charm!

 They all fit (two rows deep) on one shelf right above my bed for easy access! I like having a place to put things that fits those things perfectly, literally every inch of table-like space in my room is occupied by something that fits just right. I just have a strange need to fill in open spaces which is why I can't stop buying random, unnecessary crap.

I also bought some candles while at Ikea because they were all super cute and pretty cheap, the containers were what sold me on all of these even though they also smell really good.

This one smells floral but not overwhelmingly so, which is the case for many flowery candles and it give me bad headaches. 

The two teacup looking candles are rose scented and I love the light scent of rose, plus once they're gone I have two cute teacups. Best of all is the butterfly one in the middle. It smells like grass and happiness and a fresh spring morning when you were 4 years old and you're dad stayed home from work that one time to take you to Camelot mini-golf. Or you smells like grass. 

Anyway it feels good to sit on a bed that's been made for the first time in months and look around at everything in its right place. All my clothes folded or hanging away, my records and books tucked away, and my VHS's and DVD's organized by genre and director. It feels good to be organized for once in a very long time.