Saturday, January 12, 2013

If only they were 17

I found out like two days before Friday that it would be our big senior bowl picture so of course I had to dye my hair because I was a down right mess. So I planned on dying it light purple, but due to time constraints I just dyed it purple purple and this way it will fade nicely (I hope).

So I wanted to wear something cute for the photo even though my clothes probably won't show up in the photo, but it was also super cold (for someone like me who is used to 75ºF and prefers heat) at like 33ºF. I had to layer up so I wouldn't die because I have a tendency to not be able to get my body temperature back up once it goes down and I feel ill.

photos by me
Thrifted sweater, peacoat from forever 21(a gift), skirt from, tights and thigh high socks from target, Gorillaz Converse (gift/best thing I will ever call my own), pins collected through out the years.

Needless to say I was very cozy. The bike ride to school was a bit chilly, but at break when everyone was shivering their hineys off I couldn't feel a thing but warmth. Another plus is that not only is my hair bright purple but I'm wearing a big leopard coat so I'll be able to find myself in the massive Senior Class photo! =^.^=

And on a more serious note I would like to dedicate some time to my Grammy who passed away on Thursday. She was such a wonderful person and I'm glad I got to spend the time I did with her. May she rest in peace and be happy with Gramps again.

August 7, 1922-January 10, 2013

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

To late for New Years, NEVER

Yeah I know its been the new year for nine days but if I can be late to every day of my senior year so far and still be passing then I can make a late new years post on a blog okay.

New Years Eve brings with it a yearly tradition of hanging out in my friend Evie's garage and listening to music and talking a bunch of smack talk and laughing till 6 am. It started out a few years back with a few more people, but life has a way of widdling away the lame and unimportant (this excludes poor Xtine and Logan who couldn't make it, but not Ronny who is just a butt *we still love you).

So without further adieu here are some rad photos of the small yet larger than life festivities.

Ones featuring me were taken by Elaria, the rest were taken by me

It was a really nice time, I think it might be my favorite new year at Evie's so far. We never ran out of anything to say, we didn't have to fill time with movies, and we got through most of a game of Monopoly without murdering each other. I hope that this year brings more of whatever this night was because its setting up to be a great one.

I filmed some stuff through out the night but I strung together the best parts of post midnight reactions and ramblings. Be forewarned that we were super hyper and are teenage girls so the squealing giggling uncontrollably levels are very high. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's a miracle!

Miracle Eye Clothing is pretty much the best place ever online. Yesterday they put out their new lookbook entitled Dwelling Flashback and it is so perfect I might die.

I think everyone can agree that Jeremy Scott hit gold when he made that Bart Simpson knitted sweater a bit ago. I also think we can all agree that we can't be shelling out thousands of dollars for sweaters all willy nilly. Now I've seen maybe one other reinterpretation of this fab sweater but none were this good. Miracle Eye actually has a knitted sweater! Not a sweatshirt with a printed photo of the Bartman but an actual sweater!

Photo from Miracle Eye
As if one outerwear piece of perfection wasn't enough they also have what they call their "Psychedelic Pill Coat" which I'm pretty sure is made of clouds, unicorns and rainbows and I would spend everyday in it listening to Venus in Furs on repeat.

Photo from Miracle Eye

Anyway this is all just a love rant yaddayadda. It's post xmas and I know I should wait but I just can't! Ugh! I don't have any money now but as soon as I do its all going towards this stuff! That is of course unless one of my lovely friends wants to get it for me for my birthday -winkwinkpls;) All these things would make me feel how I felt while taking this picture, but like all the time.
photo taken by me