Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Welcome to the Coven

AHS: Coven starts tonight and I am so very excited for it!

Of course that means that I was inspired to look my most witchiest possible today, and look at that its the first rain of fall today too!

I love the color burgundy and putting this look together made me realize how much of it I own. I had all sorts of make up for the look and even matching fishnets which was so cool. The top is from the 1940's, my mom got it at a thrift store she worked at back in the day. The skirt is a denim circle skirt from American Apparel. The hat is from Billabong and I got it on sale like a year ago. The shoes are from MRKT which I got for like my sophomore year homecoming dance way back when. 

All things red and dead! Maybelline's Great Lash mascara line has a new limited run of colored mascara! I'm wearing So Very Berry for this look and it makes you look like you've starred into the face of Death and he ran away in tears which is a cool look I guess. They also have teal, pink, violet and blue but I only have teal, pink and berry (tryna convince my mom buy the blue and purple for me cuz I feel a great need for colorful mascara and also I am so very broke!)

This is just gratuitous shoe love shots. I loved these shoes the day I got them and all these years later I still can't get over them! TTYL gotta go stomp on some mortal fools and enemies of the coven~ (◡‿◡✿)

Friday, October 4, 2013

Things I'm Into: Fall Edition

Fall has come around yet again and things they are a changin'. I thought I might share some of the things that have been keeping me occupied this fall and things that I am looking forward to as well! :)

First thing I want to share is Howard Zinn's Young People's version of A People's History of the United States. My parents bought it for my 9 year old brother to read thinking it was all the tales of how young people shaped the history of the US. But in fact it is not so, it is just a, for lack of better terms, dumbed down version of his original work. But even with the negative connotations of calling something dumbed down, I think it is still a very good idea for a book. I read it in a couple of days with before bed readings, and even though I already knew most of the information it was a fascinating read. I would recommend the book to my peers who are not necessarily into history because it keeps things simple and explains lots of things that might not have been explained in a normal history class. The only reason I did not like it in certain parts was because it felt patronizing in points by defining simple words and laws and such when it states it is aimed at teens. I than had to take a step back to remember that not all teens are big dorks who like history a lot like I do and also had to recall that normal history text books in America today are written to drably and biased that many people who took normal history classes would not know these things. The AP US History text books were far superior to the "normal" ones and it made me mad that you had to take a very hard class (hard to get into and then just generally hard to take) in order to get what I believe to be a standard education (but that merits a whole discussion on our education system and how it is failed our youth today). So most people could definitely use a read through of this book, its simple to understand and gets its point across and teaches that our history is not always as it seems in our history books.

The next thing I'm into this fall is cute concert wristbands! Here are just a few that I kept from some shows I went to recently. The Silver one came from the King Krule show he put on in Space 1520 because both his Echo shows sold out in days. The Happy Face one came from the Arctic Monkeys mini show at Jimmy Kimmel Live, I was so happy that I got to go because all three shows at the Wiltern were sold out and also I'm broke! The pink one was from a Rookie event at Space 1520 like 2 months ago, but I saw Kathleen Hanna perform with her band The Julie Ruin and it was so amazing! Plus I met Kate Nash there and when we asked for a picture she told us "I was just going to ask to take a picture with you guys!" eeeekkk she thought we were cool! Can't wait to see her again in November! :)

There are two major albums that I can't stop playing this fall (and most of this year tbh) and those are Vampire Weekend's MVOTC and Arctic Monkeys' AM. I have never before in my life pre-ordered an album but I pre-ordered both of these this year and even splurged and went for the deluxe edition of AM! Vampire Weekend is just a band that came around at the perfect time in my life when I was about 12 or 13 and their first album blew me away, their second album defined my Sophomore year of high school and their third was a compelling part of the end of my high school career. I'm not a crier at most musical events in my life, but VW just hits me to the core and when I saw them last Saturday at the Hollywood Bowl I cried during Unbelievers because it brought me back to my best friends who have gone off to out of state and upstate colleges. Alex Turner said that with AM he was hoping to achieve and album that would make women want to dance, and he definitely accomplished his goal. My friend Maddie and I blast that album on high and sing along in her car and its just such a fun time. Anyway enough rambling, listen to these albums! 

Lastly, I've been really into spooky books about murder and death lately. My mom bought me the special edition of Scary Stories 3 with a hologram cover which is so awesome. My grandma's friend wrote a book about all the supposed haunted buildings and places of my home town called Anaheim's Dead. I found The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer at the AIDS Assistance Thrift Store in Long Beach for 25¢. I read Killing Mr. Griffin in the 8th grade and it was like my favorite book, but I could never remember the authors name! I finally found the book on Amazon a few months ago and bought it to reread, the only bummer is I bought the updated version so there's all these references to cell phones and ipods so I can't envision the same 1970's teenagers that I did the first time I read the book, but its still suspenseful and a great read.

So those are some of the things that I've been up to to keep me occupied in my gap semester! Things to look forward to are the rad Halloween party I'm hosting, Halloween itself! A possible road trip to the Salton Sea and of course Christmas Break so that my best friend can come home for a visit! :)