Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Today was such a fun just stress free day! I got to hang out with Maddie and her Grandma (Meme) in LA and it was so much fun! We walked around all these fabric stores that made me feel like I was QuinceƱra shopping all over again (but this time it was for Maddie's prom dress). Then we had lunch at Bottega Louie's which was soooooo delicious! I had some bacon mac n' cheese and a slice of Margarita pizza which I was surprisingly fond of even though I hate caprese salad and they're pretty much the same thing, I guess pizza makes everything better! To finish off we had dessert and I got their cute little macaroons! And then I got a to go box of more MACAROONS! MACAROONS FOR EVERYONE!!!! (actually just me, macaroons for me forever!)  We then made our way down to Melrose and meandered around the Doc Martens store where they had a perfect variety of every Doc you could possibly want! And in the Manic Panic Style Asylum we found old school chokers in all these different colors it was so rad! 

selfie what what!

on a side street off of melrose (supes cute)

YUMMY! ps I love my nail polish color its my absolute favorite (OPI's catch me in your net)
All photos taken by me

 Anyway, it was a great day! The car ride home was spent ranting about dumb teenage boys who act like they don't care what people think but who totally care what people think. Ugh, boys! It's just super cool to have friends again who like actually think you're worthy of their friendship and time, its been a while since I had friends that made me feel like they wanted me around when we hang out! We have to go back because we both (stupidly) didn't think about bringing our cameras for photo class so that should be fun! I have have have! to take my mom to Bottega Louie's she would love it so much! I don't know if I've told you guys before but things are definitely looking up! :D