Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mirror Selfies were cool in 2001

The Strokes' Comedown Machine comes out in a week and I'm super stoked! But all this excitement just made me want to listen to Is This It and get all nostalgic and cute and sad. So that's just what I did.

It was chilly this morning but that doesn't seem to stop anyone here from wearing shorts and a tee shirt. So to hide the fact that I was freezing I wore this bomb ass 70's trench coat. It was made in British Hong Kong which I didn't even know was a thing *the more you know.
I'm basically a walking RVCA ad today.
Black lipstick is cool but I need a better one, this one sort of wears off fast and looks more grey than it does black. A matte black would look super cool.

Top: RVCA Shorts: RVCA Tights: Target Shoes: Rock and Candy Coat: Vintage

"I wanna steal your innocence
To me, my life, it don't make sense
Those strange manners, I loved 'em so
'Why won't you wear your new trench coat?'"