Monday, February 18, 2013

~Thrift Life~

So I never go to school functions like ever. I have been to one dance prior to Winter Formal this year and that was Homecoming all the way back in Sophomore year. I was stoked when all my friends decided that this year we would go just for the hell of it. This not only meant shopping, it meant DRESS SHOPPING! The tickets were $25 bucks which was rad since homecoming is about $50 bucks and our prom is going to be $70. A cheap dance means a cheap dress, or at the very least a thrifty dress :). 

My friend Maddie didn't go to the dance but we still went shopping together and it was really fun! I found the vintage blue dress in the "better clothing" section at one of my favorite thrift stores in Santa Ana. It was $5 dollars and it still had the tags on it from some lost time in the mid-70's. The black velvet dress, I assume late-80's early 90's, was  an indulgence into my severe addiction to velvet. I got home and my mom told me that she had worn a dress just like the black one to her homecoming Junior year in '93 so that was rad. 

All who went shopping were in agreement that I needed to buy this jacket even though it was a thrift store splurge at $11 bucks. I just had to get it! I wore it on Valentine's Day with a ridiculously way to festive get up that included a lot of hearts.

This skirt is part of the Prabal Gurung collection for Target. My mom made me get up super early on a Saturday (7:30 AM ewww) to go with her so she could get some dresses and shoes she wanted, and I got a cute skirt out of it so all was well.


These were just for fun, they had them in black but they didn't shimmer and who can pass up shimmery grandma couch print shoes. Not I.  I love the chunky heel so much wow.

These ones I got to go with my WF dress. The dress (which I will post down below) is a mid-80's, dark green dress that reminded me of Heathers and when I tried it on at the store all my friends "awww"d me so I had to get it. The shoes were waaaaaaay more comfortable than the last pair I got for Homecoming and still just as tall (a platform makes all the difference).

These bad boys I got when I went shoe shopping with my friend Xtine for her  WF shoes. She found some cute golden strappy ones to go with the perfect 70's white dress my mom lent her for the dance. The heels is so close to being a wedge but not quite so the walking is super easy if not a little odd feeling. I think they are super adorable and I had to have them even though I told myself I would stop buying black heels (you can never have to many).

These little velvet loafers were super cute and they had them in purple and burgundy but I just loved the navy blue. They were just something more reasonable to walk in and they were only $15 bucks so obviously gotta have them. PS great for kicking ass in.

My shoe problem, visualized. These may not seem like much...but these are just the shoes that don't fit in my closet. I have two shoe racks in that closet, along with the entire closet floor covered. I can't stop though! Shoes are just as essential to making the perfect outfit as clothes are! :)

 And here I am with Ronny(left) and Evie(right) before we left to dinner on Winter Formal night, Saturday. My mom made me a corsage and Ronny's boutineer and I made Evie a corsage too! They were super cute and we dusted them in glitter. Evie found her perfect dress while we we're dress shopping, that thrift store is a gem. We all look so fab, the night was a success!

I can not wait for Prom! The theme is way cuter than last years and Maddie said she's going to this dance! We're gunna rent an old limo (hopefully late 50's) and we're gunna go vintage shopping in LA to find the perfect dresses! Nothing makes me happier than a reason to go shopping with my friends up in LA, and to top it off wearing that awesome outfit out in front of the world (okay the school) to see! AHHH SENIOR YEAR IS NEARLY OVER EXCLAMATION MARKS EVERYWHERE!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!!!!!!

This somehow became the song of the night starting on the way to formal, continuing when we were yelling out "Martin had a dream!" at the DJ in hopes that he would play it and ending while me and Evie we're huddled in a freezing car at 5 am trying to sleep because we had both lied to our parents like the typical teenagers we are. Sure enough I won't forget any of that night ever.

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