Wednesday, September 26, 2012


both images from tumblr

Oh dear! Well then, I don't usually buy things from Avon just because we don't have a cute little Avon lady like Peg. But while I was at my grandmother's house her friend happened to be an Avon lady and, with many a catalog to go through,I eventually found something to buy.

And these are it. They're long and dangly and simple all at the same time. Even better they were only five bucks. I love being cheap YAY!

PS: I know Halloween in like weeks away but dear lord you guys I'm so excited! Halloween is by far my favorite holiday because who doesn't like dressing up? And I mean really dressing up, not just being the slutty version of whatever you see walking down the street (see: slutty cop, slutty crayon, and slutty m&m). 
This year I plan on being Princess Mononoke. I'd ask what any of you are going to be but I don't think anyone reads this. 

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