Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Queen of the Mods

I really love the early 60's sort of Mod look right now. The music, the clothes everything. And to be honest wearing this and taking these photos was a blast! 

 Surprised phone face

It's just an awesome coincidence that my mom just bought this awesome vintage telephone in a charity auction last week. We may not have caller ID now, but I kind of like the surprise of finding out who the person on the phone is.

Dress: Zara Basics (hand me down) Shoes: Shoedazzle Hair: Rookie Mag 2 Minute Beehive Lips: Mayballine Baby Lips in Peach Kiss

Okay, so I don't normally list make-up and stuff but I am absolutely in love with this stupid little lipbalm/gloss stuff. Its a sort of frosted look and it keeps your lips nice and soft. Plus it comes in other soft colors that all smell fantastic. 

And I know its early, but Santa please bring me this!!!

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