Tuesday, September 11, 2012

~~Hair by Ty Segall and White Fence is one of the best purchases of my life

And I'll tell you why, because it is a fantastic album that's why! 
pictured bottom right Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk
 The dress I thrifted years ago which was awesome because I love velvet and its another step towards my velvet life. 

 My record player is something I could not live with out. Mainly because then what would I play all my records on...I broke the needle a while back and didn't have a record player for like 2 months, two months of sadness. (I'm over dramatic you get used to it.)
 I've wanted a jacket like this for years, and its so big and fuzzy you just feel super safe and warm. I am definitely using it to nap in class with this year. 
 I re-dyed my hair recently and it came out looking really nice I think. My friends like it better than my last color choices and its more vibrant but I can't wait till it fades a bit. I have this penchant for braiding little braids into my hair all over my head and I just can't seem to stop. 
 I took this earlier and if I had any photoshop abilities I would do something with my hands but I'm a horrible artist and especially a digital artist so that's enough of that. I do enjoy the photo though.

Dress: thrifted velvet BGBG MaxAzria, Jacket: thrifted denim and fleece coat, Shoes: gifted Navy Blue Doc's 

I should totally poll my friends to see what color to dye my hair next. I really wanna let my roots grow out a bit, I like the contrast of natural color to toxic waste that is my head. 

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