Tuesday, November 27, 2012

WIWTWA: Awesome Faux Fur

WIWTWA: What I Wore Two Weeks Ago. It finally got chilly enough to wear big coats without looking like a crazy person a few weeks ago but I totally forgot I took pictures of this outfit. Its been a hectic two weeks (this was pre redying my hair so it was a while ago).

Picture block because I love that coat to death! It has this little patch on the inside that says "MADE IN ENGLAND" with a little British Royal Guard on it. Its faux fur with little suede insets on the sides and a suede belt. I felt so comfy and regal all at the same time. Plus a ton of people complimented it and it made my Friday awesome. My mom found it at Goodwill for 14 bucks!
PS I need a hair cut yo, this shit is getting out of control.

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