Wednesday, January 9, 2013

To late for New Years, NEVER

Yeah I know its been the new year for nine days but if I can be late to every day of my senior year so far and still be passing then I can make a late new years post on a blog okay.

New Years Eve brings with it a yearly tradition of hanging out in my friend Evie's garage and listening to music and talking a bunch of smack talk and laughing till 6 am. It started out a few years back with a few more people, but life has a way of widdling away the lame and unimportant (this excludes poor Xtine and Logan who couldn't make it, but not Ronny who is just a butt *we still love you).

So without further adieu here are some rad photos of the small yet larger than life festivities.

Ones featuring me were taken by Elaria, the rest were taken by me

It was a really nice time, I think it might be my favorite new year at Evie's so far. We never ran out of anything to say, we didn't have to fill time with movies, and we got through most of a game of Monopoly without murdering each other. I hope that this year brings more of whatever this night was because its setting up to be a great one.

I filmed some stuff through out the night but I strung together the best parts of post midnight reactions and ramblings. Be forewarned that we were super hyper and are teenage girls so the squealing giggling uncontrollably levels are very high. 

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