Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's a miracle!

Miracle Eye Clothing is pretty much the best place ever online. Yesterday they put out their new lookbook entitled Dwelling Flashback and it is so perfect I might die.

I think everyone can agree that Jeremy Scott hit gold when he made that Bart Simpson knitted sweater a bit ago. I also think we can all agree that we can't be shelling out thousands of dollars for sweaters all willy nilly. Now I've seen maybe one other reinterpretation of this fab sweater but none were this good. Miracle Eye actually has a knitted sweater! Not a sweatshirt with a printed photo of the Bartman but an actual sweater!

Photo from Miracle Eye
As if one outerwear piece of perfection wasn't enough they also have what they call their "Psychedelic Pill Coat" which I'm pretty sure is made of clouds, unicorns and rainbows and I would spend everyday in it listening to Venus in Furs on repeat.

Photo from Miracle Eye

Anyway this is all just a love rant yaddayadda. It's post xmas and I know I should wait but I just can't! Ugh! I don't have any money now but as soon as I do its all going towards this stuff! That is of course unless one of my lovely friends wants to get it for me for my birthday -winkwinkpls;) All these things would make me feel how I felt while taking this picture, but like all the time.
photo taken by me

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