Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Feeling Groovy

Here are just some of my recent acquired items (i say acquired and not purchased because all of them were gifts or hand me downs from my mom)! They're all super cute and most of them are vintage and fun!

My mom bought me this dress she found when she went thrifting with my Abuelita a few weeks ago. I think its really cute and it was union made in the 60's so I feel like I'm supporting cute old shit!

This is the bag of my dreams! My mom has two others that are like it and she's had them since I was a kid. She found it at the salvation army last week and it was in perfect condition (it looks brand new)! It's from Japan and is super cute, I think its probably early 70's and I think its precious.

 This little box was my mom's and she's had it since she was a teenager! She went to my Abuelita's house this weekend and they went through the garage and found old goodies. The inside has pictures of mushrooms and other fungi that my mom cut out of magazines back in the day. I always loved it as a kid and she decided to let me have it (she loves little boxes to store things away and since I'm moving out in a few months she wants my organization stuff to be super cute).

 Lastly, these super cute boots my mom found at the thrift store this weekend are to die for. They remind me a lot of Bob Dylan and they make me feel super cool lol (excuse the lol). She found them for $8 bucks and they're Italian leather. Finding stuff like this is always so rewarding for some reason. Can anyone explain why finding a great deal feels like you just won the lottery???

When my best friend and I were driving back from San Francisco last month it was around 10:00 pm and we were driving on the coast and through the forests of Big Sur. She made a playlist and Simon and Garfunkel's 59th Street Bridge came on and it made the scary night and curvy road feel...groovy.

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