Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I started a Threadflip page to sell some clothes on! I love the idea of reselling clothes but I just hate going to places like Buffalo Exchange and such because I don't enjoy sitting there while they judge all my clothing choices (not a knock on them that's their job). I'm not saying don't shop at consignment stores, they have very cute stuff sometimes and I do buy things there, but I don't like selling to them. Hauling in bags of clothes, selling like one or two things and then hauling it all away again is a hassle.

Anyway enough complaining! Threadflip is an awesome website that does basically the same thing but you get to set prices and they take a percentage off for shipping and stuff. You can shop from all over the country and most items include FREE SHIPPING (the godsend of online shopping).

So if you have time, and want to buy some cute stuff on the cheap, check out Threadflip and my page too if you want (just click on the picture up above)! :)

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