Sunday, September 8, 2013


Yes, I am back. But it's not as if anyone really noticed I had left.
I guess some months ago I deleted this blog and today as I waxed nostalgic on the days when I put effort into things like blogging and fashion and what not I learned that you can in fact "undelete" a blog.

I missed being able to read up on other peoples blogs that I followed via this blog simply because I had forgotten their url's or didn't think about blogspot like ever.

So here I am again, hoping that in this semester off from school I can reignite some sort of passion for things that peak my interest such as music, fashion, tv and film making!

To start off, Gia Coppola (yes she's related to those Coppala's, who in that family isn't good at movie making???) made a movie based off of James Franco's book Palo Alto and just watching the trailer made me feel very young and alive again for the first time in months.

And, if this got you thinking about James Franco, yes I did totally watch and love his roast. I was so happy just watching it and watching like a stage full of friends make fun of each other and get each other back! Favorites included Jonah Hill ending every joke with "Just kidding, you're awesome (little giggle)" and Andy Samberg roasting himself basically. And of course gotta love when Aziz Ansari fired back for all the random out dated Indian jokes!

So yeah, it's September again and this blog is now a year old. So much has changed since I started this stupid thing but I do think it's all been for the better! I graduated high school on June 13th this year, I went to Outside Lands and roamed San Francisco for a week, I had an awesome fun summer job working at a concert arena making latte's! Now that school has started up for my younger friends, and college has begun for my aged friends I have a lot of time to explore my interests while I wait for the spring semester. Even without school I'm still looking forward to Thanksgiving and Winter breaks because that means my friends from out of town colleges get to come home for a bit, already miss them a ton and they've been gone for only a month!

Major Goal/Plans I will be bloggin'/talkin a lot about:

  • moving into an apartment with my best friend by the end of January
  • registering for classes at Santa Monica College for Spring 2014
  • working on songs/music for my band
  • my band in general (we're pretty cool but we haven't recorded anything yet)
  • working on my short film (i wanna film it over winter break with my friend who goes to school in Texas)
  • the never ending job hunt!
  • working on my grandpa's retirement house in Rosarito (lots of beach time in Mexico yay!!!)
So there ya have it, I'm back bitches, deuces ✌

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