Monday, November 5, 2012

Dia de los Muertos

If you don't know what dia de los muertos is lemme give you a short run down. Basically its a way that we (we being Mexicans and other cultures) honor the dead that have passed in our lives. The celebration is usually relegated to family members who have passed. We make Altares, shrines to the dead with their pictures and some of their favorite things. Plus candles, special flowers called cempasĂșchil (marigolds), pan de muerto (bread of the dead), and sugar skulls. Basically you celebrate the great life the person had and the joy they brought you while they were with you. There are similar celebrations all over the world but this one takes place November's 1st and 2nd, starting with Dia de los Inocentes and then Dia de los Muertos. The holiday has roots in Aztec pagan tradition in which it was a whole month of celebration with decorations being actual skulls which were symbols of death and rebirth, and now it is celebrated with big parties and face paint and loads of fun. 

Our altar to our loved ones, with home made sugar skulls and Oingo Boingo because who doesn't love Oingo Boingo. 

sorry for the bad mirror selfies but I had no actual camera with me dress: H&M, flower crown:DIY

So for the past couple of years my mom has been taking us to the Noche de Altares festival in downtown Santa Ana to celebrate  We paint our faces up at home and then walk around to all the altares and stop at the little craft shops. 

these are sort of post party so my lips have worn off a bit due to eating the biggest torta i have ever eaten

And for my grand reveal, I got a really rad necklace while I was there. It was either the necklace or a wallet that was hand painted but I figured after the purchase I would have no money to put in the wallet so meh.

necklace: i'm pretty sure they were called ponk esta muerto 

The colors are perfect and its 3D gaudiness is perfect and I love it. And even though I fell like two seconds into being there and scrapped up my knee it was still just as fun. 

as you can see the fall ripped my sock a bit and scuffed the front of my shoe:lame

pictured: my poor knee pre-scabbing (gross)

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