Saturday, November 3, 2012

Before We Forget About Halloween...

I know I said I would be Princess Mononoke, but I always run out of time to really put that one together in a way that I would be totally please with. So instead I was a boy, yet again. I was Sam Shakusky and it came out pretty good. 

For review lets just see what I looked like in previous years.

Halloween 2010, Finn the Human Boy w/ friend as Jake

Halloween 2011, Max King of the Wild Things, with friends Mordecai and Rigby/ Esmeralda and Gangster
So what I'm boys for Halloween. Not girly versions of boy things, no more so girly than what being a girl already make the costume, just boys. And that is totally ok, because that's what Halloween is for! Yeah you can revel in the fact that you're a girl and wear a princess dress, but I can do that any day of the year because I am a girl. But do I always get to run around dressed like a wild thing? Or an adventurer? Or a Khaki Scout?! No because they have girl scouts for girlified versions of all the cool stuff boy scouts get to do which sucks, also the uniform isn't as cool. So since I get to be a "princess" or whatever every other day of the year I take this time to revel in the joys of being whatever the hell I want. 

I have the shoes and everything you just can't see them here

Oh yeah and my little bro was two face and it was bad ass.

Also I made the hat and shorts, fuck yeah home made costumes. 

So there you have it, I was Sam Shakusky, I guess I could have been Suzy but I sort of already am like every other day of the year. I made patches, and I pinned every pin possible on my shirt, I had a den number (troupe 55) and a backpack. 

Also, I didn't have a fancy brooch like Sam so I wore my girl power brooch. "It's not meant for a male to wear but I don't give a damn." 

"C'est le temps de l'amour, 
Le temps des copains et de l'aventure."

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