Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kubrick Exhibit: Members Night Thingy

all photos by me taken on my shite phone camera

Last night was really nice. The exhibit was very cool and I had a fun time with my mom (we didn't even real fight you guys!) I'd have to say if you have a chance you should definitely go on over to LACMA and check it out. Plus they had free tea and coffee and cookies and like chips and salsa and quesadillas and stuff last night which was cool. My mom likes to pretend she's fancy and rich by being a member of like every museum and stuff but every once in a while it has its perks. 

I don't like telling my parents what directors I enjoy because for the sake of it all I probably sound like a pretentious ass once I list off my favorites. But I do genuinely enjoy Kurbick's work and so I'm glad my mom took me even though she doesn't really know that I like him. I swear one day I'll stop caring about looking like a dickhead in front of my family, but now is not that day.

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