Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wow a Rookie

Last week I went to some Rookie Mag events in LA and it was awesome. I went with a friend and my (awesome) mom who drove us there because freeways are scary (when you have to drive them).

So yeah here's what I wore, excuse the messy room or don't its whatever my room is blah! My camera had no batteries so webcam photos all the way.

 So I really wanted to wear a skirt and this shirt I've been dying to wear since I got it but it was cold so I had to warm it up. 
Top: Divided H&M, Undertop: Thrifted Purple Leotard, Coat: Thrifted Corduroy Blazer, Skirt: American Apparel, Socks: Thigh High's from Target

 Also I dyed my hair again. I just bleached the roots and then dyed it pink. It was a mix of two pinks that I had left over from when I first dyed my tips pink. Because of the blue previously most of it turned purple, and underneath its like dark silvery blue.

"Thought you might like some Bowie. ♥ Pops"
Also when I got home I found this on my desk, my dad is the best so yeah.

 And he bought me that even though I terrified him all day with this Giraffe mask. He hates it so much that he had to take it out of his room (my mom bought it at the zoo) and when I found it in the living room I proceeded to wear it in his car when we went to the store. This is my thank you to my father for putting up with my shit. 
And of course I got my Rookie Yearbook One while I was at the first event. I stood in an actual line to get it signed which feels so weird to me because I'm not really into that type of stuff, book signings and all. But it was cool to meet Tavi since she's such a rad chick and the concert that followed was swell even though it was cut short (there was one point where I had flashbacks to Sophomore year and the chants of F**k the police, no justice no peace!...why did we think that was so funny...why am I still laughing about it right now)

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