Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"Don't forget about the hip movement" -Drunk Alex Turner

So yeah I've been quite absent lately, but in my defence I did get like a proper job that takes up loads of time and also I've been interacting with my peers (so really you should be glad you've seen less of me).

Anyway enough of the old "blogger-is-sorry-for-not-being-here-blames-it-on-social-life-in-sly-attempt-to-show-off-said-social-life-in-a-look-at-me-sort-of-way" I have something I made that I think is pretty cool and so I was like yes this is something I want to share *applaudes for self when all alone in room*.

I have two shelves worth of space that I've cleared out on my shelving unit for records and lately things have been a bit of a tight fit. And with the holidays fast approaching I have a feeling that I will be needing all the record space I can get. With that in mind I needed to find a spot to clear and the perfect place was where I kept my 45's. They were small and taking up tons of space so why not get them their own....wait for it...lock box!

all photos by me

A few months ago before my friend left for college I was gunna meet up with him at the park we hang out at but he was taking a life time to get there. I parked my car behind the gas station by a fast food joint and some sketchy looking beat up RV's and that's where I saw it. The Lockbox. It's metal glinted in the light of passing cars as it sat all alone by a bus stop trash can. It was something sorta like destiny. I got out of my car and just had to go get it. I looked around to see if maybe anyone around had just set it down but there was no one in sight. I ran up the small incline and grabbed it. It was beat up and the inside was covered in old make-up and glitter. I ripped its guts out and wiped it down and plastered some images that intrigued me all over the walls. I cut out tiny concert posters and such and like to imagine the little record fairies will live in there with my 45's and be happy.

To end this long random post here's a really cute love song that shows that "tough" guys have a big gooey middle.

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